Tailored Property Management for Developers

As a property developer, you will be looking for a cost-effective management service that you can rely on. Property management can absorb a lot of your time, so using a local professional ensures that this essential element of your development is implemented smoothly and simply. Our property management for developers service makes financial sense.

There is no cost to you as the developer!

We do not charge management fees on unsold/void units until they are sold, thereby saving you money. We charge our management fee pro-rata, and it comes from the service charges.

How we can help you

Our service includes:

  • One point of contact for any issues raised
  • Ground rent collection where the developer retains the freehold
  • A review of your draft documentation
  • Preparation of realistic service charge budgets
  • Clear advice to produce workable leases
  • Welcome packs to new owners
  • Arranging buildings insurance and other insurance policies
  • Finding and appointing contractors
  • Handover plan for the first occupation
  • Snagging of common parts and liaising with the developer to rectify issues
  • Steering committee for the handover to residents
  • The recruitment of site staff

Your time will be saved as we take on the administration of the management company and all the secretarial duties that it involves. The service charge will be agreed with you in advance and is set at a suitable level, taking into consideration requirements for marketing and ensuring that there will adequate funds to cover all management costs. The service charge is set at a realistic level to protect the developer’s good name, and protect leaseholders from steep increases in later years.

We will look for cost savings wherever possible, and we can add value to your development process by highlighting potential issues that may inhibit the effective management of the development.

We will also work closely with your sales teams to ensure that potential purchasers have a clear idea of the annual service charge budget from the outset and work towards taking the development forward from a building site to a community. For more information about our property management for developers services, please do not hesitate to contact our team on: 01923 200094.