Property Management

If you are looking for someone to manage your property, you can be sure that we will provide you with dedicated, professional and reliable property management managers, who are all specialists in their field.

At Rumball Sedgwick, we recognise that property management calls for different skills from estate agency services, so we train our staff accordingly.

Block management

If you are the director of a residents’ management company or the freeholder of a block of leasehold flats, you will have contractual obligations, such as collecting ground rent, arranging the buildings insurance and collecting service charges, as well as day-to-day management tasks that help maintain the value of the property. Rather than spend your own time on these tasks, why not let our block management experts do the work for you? For more information visit our page on block management

Property portfolio management

The effective management of a portfolio of properties is time-consuming and often complex and requires a keen eye for detail and some knowledge of the law and accounting. Rumball Sedgwick’s team of property portfolio managers will ensure your properties are well maintained and efficiently run. For more details visit our property portfolio management page.

Landlords’ service

Rumball Sedgwick never forget that as a landlord, you are our client. Our service for you helps you get the best rental income for your property and assures you that your interests are in safe hands. Further information can be found on acting for Landlords.

Our high quality property management service

We pride ourselves on our personal approach, tailored to your specific requirements. We are familiar with every aspect of property management and will update you on any legislation that affect your obligations.

Rumball Sedgwick’s property management service gives you the peace of mind that all your affairs are taken care of by a trusted, committed and professional manager.

For more information on our wide range of management services, please see our pages on block management, property portfolio management and acting for Landlords, or call our expert team today on 01923 200094.