Planning Consultants

The planning process can be very daunting, especially if you are approaching it for the first time. In our experience, even a small involvement by a professional planning consultant at an early stage, can save you valuable time and money as your project progresses. At Rumball Sedgwick we are experts in planning policy and have a wealth of experience in dealing with local planning authorities.

Pre-planning advice

Our planning consultants can offer pre-planning advice from the outset of your project. We guide you through the planning process so that you are fully aware of your rights at every stage. Our aim is to help you realise your property’s potential through the planning system. In our experience, while planning is a technical discipline, the way in which a proposal is presented also plays a pivotal role in securing consent.

Our planning consultants at Rumball Sedgwick are experts in presenting projects to planning officers, committees and members of the public. One reason we are so successful is that we discuss as much as possible with planning officers as part of our pre-application work, which we find paves the way for a smooth process after the formal submission of an application.

Our service

We promise to provide you with a tailor-made service that meets your specific needs. Our experts are uniquely placed to give you an unbiased, highly informed assessment of your proposal, which means we meet your expectations in a timely and cost-effective way. Our specialist service helps landowners achieve the maximum value of their property, whether it is a single building plot, or a larger scale development.

Your planning consultant will advise you on:-

  • Feasibility and valuation
  • Pre-application consultations
  • Obtaining specialist reports to support your application
  • Preparation and submission of your planning application
  • The best method of disposal, if appropriate, to maximise the capital value of your site

If you think you have land or property that could gain in value through the planning process, contact us on 01923 200096 to arrange an appointment with one of our expert chartered surveyors.