Planning Appeals

If your planning application has been refused by the local authority, we can help you submit a planning appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We act for clients on all types of appeals, including written appeals, hearings and public inquiries.

Our expert team will carry out an honest review of your case, looking at all the options and the likelihood of success, before advising you on whether or not to proceed, as planning appeals can be costly and stressful.

If you decide to go ahead with your appeal,  we will draw on all our knowledge of the planning system to present a thoroughly researched case on your behalf. There are many different types of planning appeals, which include:-

  • Appeal against planning refusal
  • Appeal against planning approval subject to conditions
  • Appeal against non-determination
  • Enforcement appeals (including planning enforcement notice, listed building enforcement and discontinuance notice)
  • Listed building/conservation area appeals
  • Advertisement appeals
  • Lawful Development Certificate appeals

Appeal against planning refusal

The most common form of planning appeal is against a local planning authority (LPA) which has refused planning permission. This refusal may be various reasons, which the LPA must state and justify according to its planning policy. Refusal criteria are critical to your grounds for appeal. At Rumball Sedgwick we have wide-ranging experience in submitting planning appeals and grounds of appeal statements.

Appeal against planning approval subject to conditions

Ensuring that a planning approval has appropriate and reasonable planning conditions is essential. If your application has been approved with a condition, or conditions, that you consider to be unreasonable, you have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. If an appeal inspector considers that the conditions imposed are unreasonable, they may allow your appeal.

Appeal against non-determination

If your planning application has not been determined within the statutory time periods (usually 8 to 13 weeks depending on the type of application), you have a right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate requesting that it reviews the application decision.

Householder appeals

The householder appeal service is a specific planning appeal for most types of appeal related to private homes. However, some appeals (including those related to listed buildings, conservation areas, non-determination or appeal against conditions) cannot be dealt with using this type of appeal. The process is similar to traditional planning appeals but is specifically designed to speed up the appeal process for relatively straightforward appeals.

One big difference between a householder appeal and a traditional appeal is that there is no third party right to comment on the appeal (i.e. neighbours). Householder appeals must be made within 12 weeks of planning permission refusal.

Currently, the target is that 80% of householder appeals should be determined within 8 weeks, though the average time is 7 weeks. 

For further information on any aspect of the planning process, contact one of our expert team today on 01923 200096.