Party Wall Disputes

If you have been involved in any party wall disputes, you will know that they can be stressful and time consuming.  At Rumball Sedgwick we aim to bring any dispute to resolution swiftly and conclusively. Our party wall surveyors have considerable experience in property related disputes and the Party Wall  etc. Act 1996.

Our service

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 covers three distinct types of work, alterations to a shared (party) wall, the construction of new walls on a boundary, and excavation work close to neighbouring properties. Our building surveyors provide a comprehensive party wall service that includes the following:-

  • Reviewing proposals and advising building owners and adjoining owners of their rights and responsibilities
  • Liaising with other construction professionals and legal advisors
  • Serving and responding to notices
  • Inspecting adjoining properties and preparing Schedules of Condition
  • Negotiating and agreeing party wall awards
  • Acting as a third surveyor in the event of disputes between appointed party wall surveyors


The law is complex but must not be disregarded. If you ignore it, your neighbours may put a stop to your building project by serving an injunction upon you. While the law gives you certain rights over the party walls of your property, it also safeguards the interests of your neighbours. If you want to carry out a building project which involves building onto, or altering, the party walls in any way, you should consult us. You will need to appoint a surveyor to act for you as the building owner and your neighbours may also appoint a surveyor (each) to represent their interests.

The party wall experts at Rumball Sedgwick have experience of being appointed by both sides and in disputes involving all types of property, from residential dwellings to large commercial developments – wherever the Act applies and whenever the proposed work requires notification. Our reputation helps in obtaining agreement for us to act as the sole ‘agreed’ party wall surveyor in most cases. This not only enables us to deal with procedures swiftly, but is also more cost-effective for the parties involved.

Why is it called the Party Wall etc. Act?

The “etc” part of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 concerns excavating for foundations. Even if the party wall is entirely unaffected by the proposed works, you need to appoint a surveyor if you are excavating within 3 metres of the neighbouring property, or for a distance of 6 metres. Our expertise in this field allows building work to proceed legally and without unnecessary cost, delay or inconvenience, ensuring the rights and duties of both parties are fully understood and observed at all stages of the process.

We apply a fair and reasonable charging structure based on the complexity of the works and we are always pleased to provide free initial guidance and advice at an early stage without commitment or obligation.

For more information on any aspect of party wall requirements, please call one of our expert team today on 01923 200096.