Commercial EPC

If you have a commercial property for let, sale or lease in England and Wales, you are legally required to have a commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This is a government directive (in force since October 2008), which allows prospective buyers or tenants to see how energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly the property is.

A commercial EPC graph looks similar to the energy label found on domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines.

The energy efficiency and environmental impact of your commercial property will be rated on a scale from A-G, with A being the most efficient level as shown above on the EPC graph. Current running costs for heating, hot water and lighting will also be shown on the certificate, together with a list of recommended energy saving improvements.

Example EPC:

The list includes:-

  • Suggested improvements
  • Possible cost savings per year, if the improvements are made
  • How the recommendations would change the energy and carbon emission rating of the property

You don’t have to act on the recommendations in the recommendation report. However, if you make a commercial property more energy-efficient or environmentally-friendly, you may make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. For free impartial advice on energy efficient improvements visit

How long does an EPC last?

Under current legislation, an EPC lasts 10 years.

How can I arrange an EPC?

For more information on obtaining an EPC, call 01923 200099.