Tim Hollingsworth on why now is a good time to sell your home.

Tim HollingsworthSpring is in the air – and thoughts are turning to moving house.

“If you are thinking of moving house, now is widely considered the best time of the year to put your house on the market. But just what is it that makes this time of year so good?

There are a number of factors in the spring that help sell a house. For a start, better weather and longer days means everybody feels more positive after the winter months.

But a more important reason why families in particular are thinking about moving at this time of year, is that they are considering schools and secondary transfer. It’s more important than ever to make sure you are in the right catchment area for the state school of your choice, as the increasing cost of education for all young people means that education must really deliver for them, all the way from primary school through to university. Moving house in the spring can ensure you are in the right location for your preferred transfer selection in the autumn.

Another important factor in the spring housing market is work bonuses – many workers receive their annual bo-nuses at this time, and will now be looking to invest in a bigger and better property, to move up the property ladder.

Equally, there are other sellers who want to downsize, whether through age, family changes, or a variety of other reasons. Many older house-owners may be thinking about reducing their household bills by downsizing, or mov-ing to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

If you are thinking about selling your home, there are a few simple rules to follow to help your home sell easily, and for a good price. Your home should be well presented, and the garden neat and tidy – especially important if there are other houses nearby competing for the sale. I definitely recommend a good spring clean, and then you need to make an effort to keep it that way. You will be surprised how much better a home looks if it is spruced up.

Simple things can make a big difference to the impression your home makes on buyers – leave the WC lid down in the bathroom, ensure the shower glass screens are scale-free and gleaming, and polish all the taps and chrome in the bathroom and kitchen. Pots and pans should be put away, and never leave the sink full of washing-up!

Your garden may also need attention – especially the front garden, which is the first part of your house to be seen. Clear weeds from the patio and driveway and if possible power wash the flagstones – it may be worth in-vesting in a power washer, as the price of a couple of hundred pounds could gain you several thousand pounds on the offer for your house!

The quickest and simplest garden tidy-up includes a run around with the lawn mower (cut the grass into tidy stripes), and remove all old footballs, Nerf bullets, etc.

‘Kerb appeal’ is widely considered to be vital for a sale, so it’s well worth ensuring that all the external paintwork is in good shape, door fittings are all clean and working, steps are all sound, and windows are clean and ship-shape.
Rumball Sedgwick has offices in Watford and St Albans. If you are thinking about moving home, please do contact any member of our sales team. We will be happy to guide you through the sales maze, and make the whole pro-cess as simple and painless as possible.”

Rumball Sedgwick has offices in Watford & St Albans. For advice on all property matters, please contact Tim Hollingsworth on 01923 200099 or tim@rumballsedgwick.co.uk.

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